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Free Market Portfolio Theory

The Free Market Portfolio TheoryTM is the synthesis of three academic principles: Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Three-Factor Model. Together these concepts form a powerful, disciplined and diversified approach to investing. The result is globally diversified portfolios including over 12,000 stocks spread across more than forty countries,

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Navigating the Fog of Investing

Matson Money is an investment advisory firm managing $8,653,755,157.02 (12/31/2017) for investors nationwide. We provide prudent investment solutions firmly grounded in Nobel Prize-Winning academic principles, global diversification, and life-long investing. Presentations conducted online pose a number of issues that in-person presentations do not. For example, it can often be difficult

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Achieve more with Coaching.

The idea of meeting with a stuffy adviser in a wood-paneled office may sound intimidating or unappealing, but don’t let the Hollywood version of what a financial adviser is prevent you from getting the guidance and support you need. While many online providers claim they can create portfolios to help

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