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A coach, by educating you, will help you to become truly an investor and eliminate the fear, anxiety, stress, and confusion regarding investments decisions and achieve confidence and peace of mind. A coach is there to help you fight your instincts, emotions and perception biases and to help you defend yourself from the Wall Street Bullies. A coach is there to help you maintain your discipline, clarify and cut through the complexities even when it is painful. There is a difference between a traditional financial advisor and a coach and we believe it could be defined as follows: “An investment coach is a financial professional who goes beyond typical financial planning and advice to help you identify your investment philosophy, understand your investment strategy, and provide discipline throughout your investment experience. A coach will not only help you identify the right strategy for you but will help you keep your decisions and behavior regarding your investments on track for achieving the results you want. “ A coach can help you answer the ” 20 Must Answer Questions”. Call us to start your coaching at 855-524-3139


Investing vs speculating. That is the question. If you rely on the predictions of investing gurus, conmen (Bernie Madoff) and prognosticators, it is just like relying on a crystal ball. You might as well go to Las Vegas and throw away your money there: at least, there, you may enjoy the surroundings and some shows. You are a speculator if you believe that stock picking, market timing and track record investing are what you should do. But, in fact, there is zero correlation between a stock picker’s market-beating performance and his ability to repeat that performance in the future.

As a prudent and scientific investor, you should instead own equities. Owning equities is the greatest wealth-creating tool ever. You should own equities all over the world accomplishing, at the same time, true diversification and eliminating overlapping (do not own the same stock twice). Overlapping happens constantly in many mutual funds and the consequence is that, when the market goes down, it takes all those mutual funds that have overlapping positions down with it. Hence, you lose substantially. Diversification and re-balance are the answer. While owning stocks all over the world you should pay careful attention to owning large, medium, small and micro caps, in the proper proportion with risk based on your own tolerance, so that you have the maximum market return at the minimum standard deviation (risk) We will be able to coach you to achieve these goals tailored to you. Call us for a no charge initial consultation at 855-524-3139


Many of us today have a 401k at work or an IRA. Unfortunately, we have seen these accounts lose a lot of money in the past because they are affected by the same problems all the other individual accounts are: stock picking, market timing and track record investing, plus excessive costs. Many own variable annuities inside them, which add costs that the insurance companies charge. It is certainly discouraging to watch your retirement account dwindle or stagnate. If you work for a small company ( or for a large one) that offers a 401k, introduce us or allow us to talk with the owners and bring to their attention our coaching. Let us show them and you how to get your sick 401k on the road to recovery. Not to mention our tax savings techniques that can help companies increase their bottom lines. Most CPA and Tax Preparers are not aware of these techniques. We have the expertise to coach them through that also. For a no-cost consultation please call us at 855-524-3139


An educated investor becomes a better investor.



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